Creating more intimacy and passion

This is a juicy episode where I had the chance to ask Gillian Harper about her book 'Feed the Tiger,Free the Dragon' which looks at an energy-fueled system that assists you in creating and maintaining a more powerful, passionate, and fulfilling existence with your partner.

Gillian is an author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur. Gillian helped build Australia’s number one franchise, served as an executive for a US Inc. 500 business, and has practiced as a finance attorney with an Australian top three firm.

She shares how her own foundation crumbled in her marriage where she almost lost everything because of the blurred boundaries that divide our careers and our home life. The little-known Law of Polarity brought her life back from the brink and she shares all the valuable insights she gained that is now helping others with their own relationships.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Explaining the natural law of polarity where opposite sexual energy creates a powerful force between people (1:30)
  • Dragons and Tigers are the masculine and feminine energies without the confusion of using gendered terms (3:16)
  • Being aware of what you are feeling so that you can articulate your needs clearly and choose who is best to share with according to the situation (8:25)
  • Examples of how the dragon energy craves freedom and the tiger craves to be seen and loved (13:15)
  • How creating solid foundations in your relationship can save a marriage (15:05)
  • After having children, Gillian craved a different energetic space and the masculine dragon energy no longer served her (18:35)
  • We are brainwashed to think that tiger energy and surrendering is ‘less than’ when in fact it has a different beautiful power versus the doer dragon energy which is encouraged more in society (23:30)
  • How understanding these energies can help in your business to know which one you feel more dominant and confident in. (26:55)
  • Ways you can switch your energy (31.05)
  • How we need to focus on the primary role with our partner which is intimacy (40.07)

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