Total Wellness

Join me for an insightful conversation on personal growth and wellness as I talk with my guest Rikimah Glymph. She is a writer, mentor, and advocate for equal rights and opportunity and her passion for challenging people to think outside of their comfort zones has led her to create innovative solutions necessary for actionable change. In her book, "Total Wellness: A Millennial & Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life," Rikimah highlights the concerning trend of younger generations becoming ill earlier than the previous generation and emphasizes the importance of practicing self-care.

As the Founder and CEO of BWell365, a wellness brand, Rikimah provides resources and creates spaces for deep reflection and autonomy to drive sustainable and impactful wellness outcomes. Throughout our conversation, Rikimah candidly shares her own struggles with certain aspects of wellness and provides practical tips on how to navigate them. Join us for an enlightening discussion on the importance of total wellness and how we can all achieve a more balanced life.

In this episode:

  • We delve into the eight pillars of wellness that are crucial for a fulfilling life (6:00)
  • We discuss how a lack of agency can lead to low energy and the ways to cultivate a sense of empowerment (9:25)
  • The alarming trend of millennials and Gen Zs becoming sick earlier than previous generations highlights the importance of making positive changes in our lives (13:25)
  • Rikimah shares how her upbringing in a chaotic and dramatic environment fueled her desire to help young people (18:00)
  • The reasons behind repeating negative patterns and the willingness to lose things in order to break free from them (19:30)
  • Rikimah opens up about her decision to homeschool her son and the benefits it brings to their lives (26:18)
  • How to move away from leading with fear and embrace a more positive approach to life (34:20).


Total Wellness: A Millennial & Gen Z Guide to Living a More Balanced Life 

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