Solving conflict

In this episode of the Breaking Free podcast, I explore conflict management and decision-making with special guest Kimberly Best, a highly experienced family mediator, facilitator, and author. Kimberly shares

her wealth of knowledge by offering valuable tools and techniques for effectively dealing with conflicts. She explains why blaming others is a common but ineffective approach and instead focuses on the importance of finding alternative solutions that benefit all parties involved. Additionally, Best provides guidance for making difficult decisions, including end-of-life issues, that you can use in your own lives. With practical advice on managing conflicts at work, with partners, or with children, you're sure to walk away from this episode with a better understanding of how to handle these situations in a constructive and empathetic manner.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Understanding mediation and how to find resolutions when facing conflict (1:30)
  • Distinctions between Couple Therapy and Mediation (5:00)
  • How blame doesn't help and takes away your power and agency (6:25)
  • Advice from a book by William Ury on how to untangle the People from the Problem in order to find an effective solution (10:30)
  • Parent struggles with teens and how to move forward after the conflict (15:00)
  • Why understanding your own triggers, helps you respond better next time (19:00)
  • Find out your values and understand the values of those close to you (20:38)
  • A way to develop self-awareness in the moment with a keyword that helps you step back and regroup (23:30)
  • Feelings of shame that surface when people are told that they have disappointed others (30.22)
  • Kim's book HOW TO LIVE FOREVER is a guide to writing the final chapter of your life story (31:00)

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