The confidence to age gracefully

This year I turn fifty. The BIG 50. Half a century! So I felt it was a good time to talk about seeing it as a blessing rather than a curse of getting older. It takes confidence to age naturally and gracefully these days, when most of the world expect you to use whatever means available to stay young. I share how I feel about the pressures and trolls on social media but mostly about how I maintain feeling young at heart.

Discussed in this episode:

  • How I feel about turning Fifty in a world that expects you to never age (1:50)
  • Gaining the clarity to know what I want and then continue trying new things that interest me (3:45)
  • How women can't win whether they allow themselves to age or whether they do whatever it takes to look young (6.40)
  • Actress and model Andie MacDowell's healthy attitude about aging (7:05)
  • My beauty care routine to stay youthful, naturally (10:15)
  • Trolls and negative comments on social media (12:20)


Four Weddings and a Funeral (movie)

Green Card (movie)

Maid (Netflix series)

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