The confidence to speak up

I discuss why speaking up and standing out can be so hard for so many people. Why is it we feel uncomfortable to even take up space sometimes or someone's precious time to share our thoughts and opinions about even the smallest things? I share how many women and myself chose to keep quiet about experiences of sexual abuse or even make light of it. Find out why we struggle to speak up and the small ways you can find your voice and grow in confidence.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why speaking up or standing out can be so scary (1:00)
  • The way that small steps can create large ripples and develop more confidence. I share examples of my own experiences with exercise, music and speaking up about sexual abuse that happened in my past (3:15)
  • I share the reasons why oscar-nominated Actress/Director and writer Sarah Polley (with her film about abuse, WOMEN TALKING) suggests there are different ways we can speak up and explains why she never reported her abuser (10:45)
  • My own story and how I plan on speaking up (15:30)


Run towards the danger/ A collection of autobiographical essays by Sarah Polley

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