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Happy New year and welcome to season 3 of Breaking Free. It feels amazing to be starting a new season after reaching 50 episodes and I want to thank you for joining me on this podcast journey by listening and sharing the episodes with friends and family. It gives me a lot of joy when I know an episode has resonated with you or inspired you to make a positive change in your life. 

Season 2 was all about ways you can increase your confidence through sharing helpful steps you can take towards doing that and changing your mindset. I had great chats with experts and with people who had experienced a positive shift themselves and shared their personal stories.

So for this episode, I thought I would revisit some of them and give you a summary of the topics and discoveries that were made that could be super helpful to start your year with new energy that gets you motivated to create the 2023 for yourself.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How we can all develop confidence by trying new things from episode 28 (1.53)
  • Speaking with confidence by defining what you want first with coach Jon Torrens in episode 30 (3:27)
  • How feeling comfortable with our sexuality is linked to how confident we feel with sexual educator Zina Malas in episode 31 (8:35)
  • Aesthetics director Laura Marshall shares how the use of filters on social media is creating insecurities in young girls in episode 29 entitled Cosmetic confidence (11:25)
  • Money Doctor Nikki Ramskill gives great advice on how to become confident with money by learning how to invest in episode 37 (15:32)
  • How to stop people- pleasing and feel more confident in episode 49 starts with awareness and making small changes (17:45)
  • How Mostafa Salameh followed his heart from being a refugee as a child to climbing mount Everest and becoming an author on episode 46 (21:40)
  • Finding out what a teenager thinks confidence is and how she would describe herself in episode 33 (23:52)
  • How trust in yourself helps your confidence is explained in episode 40 (27:10)
  • How my guest Rania Khoury discovered her true strength was in her ability to be playful and became a medical clown. Episode 35 (32:20)
  • Award winning composer Suad Bushnaq finds her confidence through her skill in music 34 (36:36)

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