Reversing Paralysis

Natasha is a mum, serial entrepreneur, a transformation coach and hypnotherapist who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was treated with Cortisone and Neurontin for years until she found a way to reverse her paralysis with Rapid Transformational Therapy. Her mission in life is to inspire, teach and motivate people to take control of their health, businesses and lives. She believes everything is fixable and figureoutable and has created an amazing ten step program which she shares on Breaking Free near the end of the episode.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Natasha's first flare up of Multiple Sclerosis was misdiagnosed (1:50)
  • How steroids helped the flare ups but had very unpleasant after-effects (8:30)
  • Natasha's world before Multiple Sclerosis (11:00)
  • Paralysis hits for the first time (14:00)
  • Discovering the damage Cortisone and Neurontin was having on Natasha's brain cells (18:30)
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy with Marissa Peer becomes the answer to Natasha healing her flare ups naturally (21:00)
  • Natasha trains in hypnotherapy and heals herself while she is snowed in and paralyzed while alone on holiday (25:10)
  • The power of meditation with Joe Dispenza (28:05)
  • The ten step program to having a healthier life is created (31:00)
  • The power of fasting, sunshine and Ketosis with Dr, Courtney Hunt (37:10)


Marissa Peer - Rapid Transformational Therapy

Donna Eden - Energy medicine

Louise Hay - You can Heal Your Life

Dr. Courtney Hunt - Ketosis

Joe Dispenza - meditations

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