Balancing Motherhood & Career

From Yale to Managing Director of a leading tech platform: My guest, Hala Siraj, shares her story and insights on the joys and challenges of being a working mother

in a world that expects "Women to work like they don't have children, and raise children as if they don't work" which is a recipe for Mommy guilt.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Growing up in a household where both parents worked and had high expectations for their daughter's career (2:00)
  • The importance of having a support system when balancing motherhood and career, and letting go of the need to be perfect (5:30)
  • Overcoming the struggle for perfection by using the "different people in the front seat of the car" analogy (11:15)
  • Finding comfort in knowing that other successful women also struggle (14:30)
  • Being a role model for her daughters and finding purpose in her work (16:45)
  • Opinions on co-parenting and the challenges of balancing responsibilities (19:00)
  • Experiencing guilt and pressure to fulfill the expectation of being a "perfect" mother, can cause Hala to stay up all night after missing a playdate to exercise (21:40)
  • How Hala's previous job in investment banking prepared her for her current role (25:45)
  • Dealing with doubts and stereotypes as a young female managing director (30:30)

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