SE2: 6:- Debbie Shasanya- #FASHIONGIRL: How to have the courage to leave your boring "comfortable" job to pursue your dream fashion career!!

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 6 of #WEARYOURDREAMS, hosted by Alice Oluyitan and featuring inspirational conversations with girls in business.

This week, Alice has a chat with Debbie Shasanya, who is an established magazine assistant at ASOS. Since joining the ASOS team in 2011, Debbie has starred in Coco-Cola print adverts for ASOS, and has modelled for brand campaigns. We LOVE Debbie's inspirational career journey- She started off working in a job that she wasn't passionate about and decided to pursue her dream! Debbie is currently living her dream and working as an ASOS insider, as well as building a successful following on her stylish Instagram

Here’s what we learned from Debbie:

  • Like many graduates coming out of fashion related degrees, Debbie struggled to find a career in fashion. It's a saturated and competitive industry, but you shouldn't let this scare you. Debbie advises our listeners to engage with social media platforms by establishing your brand, voice and identity on Instagram and Tumblr. It's important to make yourself stand out!
  • If you are working a job that doesn't excite you, then ask yourself if it is the right career for you. Debbie found that working in the Police Communicator's Office did not satisfy her passion. She trusted her heart and followed her roots back to the fashion industry, and now she couldn't be happier!
  • Seize the day and make the most out of opportunities. During Debbie's year of unemployment after leaving the police department, she secured herself an internship at ASOS within the fashion team. Her hardwork, passion and eagerness to help others resulted in her referral for more intern work, which eventually led to her being offered a full-time job. Be proactive and don't wait for opportunities to walk into your life! Go pursue them!
  • An important thing that you can do while you are searching for your dream job is market yourself through social media. Connect yourself with other creative individuals, and surround yourself with industry-relevant people! Networking is so important as it makes people take you seriously. Treat your Instagram as a visual CV and make it reflect the type of person you are, and the work that you are passionate about.

Debbie's Triple Love Round Answers:

  • A magazine she loves: Magnify Magazine
  • A quote that she loves: ‘Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.’ - Marilyn Monroe. Debbie believes that life has its ups and downs, but better things are always around the corner.

Want to learn more about Debbie Shasanya?

To learn about Debbie's style ('Solange meets Hillary Banks'), hear about how she changed careers at a crucial point in her life, and how she developed her intern experience to become a magazine assistant at ASOS, listen to the full #WearYourDreams episode!

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