SE2: 10:- Chrissy Rutherford - #FASHIONGIRL: How determination got her a dream job at Harpers Bazaar!

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 10 of #WEARYOURDREAMS, hosted by Alice Oluyitan and featuring inspirational conversations with girls in business.This week, Alice has a chat with Chrissy Rutherford, the Senior Digital Editor at Harper's Bazaar. Originally from Westchester New York, Chrissy has had a passion for clothing and fashion from a young age. After graduating from her major in Communications, she cultivated her digital saviness while working as an assistant at and She currently lives in Manhattan and is marking her 5th year working at Harper's Bazaar!Here’s what we learned from Chrissy:Chrissy talks about how tough it is to break into the fashion industry. There are so many sectors within this industry, so it is important to keep as many options open as possible. This was one of the reasons why Chrissy chose to study Communications as opposed to a strictly fashion degree. Communications enabled her to pursue an interest in Media Studies, which introduced her to the field of magazine editing!Whether you are an upcoming designer, or you are simply looking for an intern position, be persistent in getting yourself recognised! As the Digital Editor at Harper's Bazaar, Chrissy is often emailed by new designers who want to get their designs noticed. She explains that the fashion environment is always hectic, and emails sometimes get skimmed over and missed, so be sure to be determined to get your work noticed! At the end of the day, your determination will make others respect you, so believe in your talent and don't let it go to waste!Chrissy's job enables her to look out for upcoming designers and fresh talent. One of her favourite ways to do this is through social media. If you want your designs to be noticed then make sure you create an amazing online portfolio using Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr etc. This is will get people talking about your brand and word of mouth can go a long way!When interning for companies, such as Harper's Bazaar, it is essential that you prove that you have passion AND knowledge for the industry. Reading lots of fashion magazines and knowing the latest designers is key to impressing your peers. To make yourself stand out, you must show that you have a really deep interest in the field. Chrissy advises interns to express their passion by always approaching tasks with a positive attitude. When people ask you to do task, do it with a smile on your face!Chrissy's Triple Love Round Answers:A quote that she loves: “Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate.” This was the quote Chrissy wrote in her senior year book!A blog that she loves: Intothegloss! Chrissy loves reading about what products people are currently loving.A woman she loves: Rihanna! Not only is the girl boss a style inspiration for Chrissy, but she also admires her confidence and ability to always remain fierce.Want to learn more about Chrissy?You can stay up to date with Chrissy's trendy lifestyle and upcoming projects by following her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat! (@chrissyford) Oh, and Harper's Bazaar of course!What did you think of our convo with Chrissy? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting at @gbemigirls!

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