#010 Emma Gannon - Launching a virtual book club

Liz Ward speaks to writer and podcaster, Emma Gannon about The Multi-Hyphen Book Club that was born at the start of Lockdown. Emma shares how she woke up one morning and decided to create a virtual space where people can connect through a monthly book and be inspired by daily book recommendations during this period of social distancing. The book club now has over 6,000 members.

In this Slick Pivot Session, we explore why books genuinely save Emma in a time of need, how this creative project was able to come together so quickly and how connection is so important for us all right now. 

Emma is the queen of pivoting and is an expert on starting a side project or side hustle. She wrote the best selling book, The Multi-Hyphen Method and has the No1 careers podcast, CTRL ALT DELETE. Emma’s upcoming debut novel, Olive will be published in July 2020. It was a pleasure to have her on the show.

Think you'll enjoy this. Grab a cuppa and tune in.


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