#004 - Fleur Emery. From Food Entrepreneur to Start-Up Advisor

Liz Ward speaks to Fleur Emery. Fleur is an outspoken start-up veteran with an uncanny way of sniffing out emerging trends and making things happen. She has 15 years in the food industry under her belt launching two product ranges into major retailers. Fleur recently spent three years setting up a premium ready meal business. she had a product range ready to go, funding in place and interest from supermarkets yet decided to pull the plug and pivot her career.  

In this Slick Pivot Session, we cover:

  • What motivated her to walk away from that food business
  • How she rebuilt herself as a startup expert working school hours 
  • Loads of advice for those thinking of starting a food business. 
  • Trusting your gut
  • Pivoting your career on your skillset you’ve built over the years


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