#003 - Ashley Paré - From HR Manager to Negotiation Coach

Liz Ward speaks to Ashley Paré, CEO and Founder of Own Your Worth, TEDx Speaker. Ashley shares her pivot story from a corporate HR career to be a leadership coach and Negotiation Advocate. She helps her clients strip back their fears, get confident, communicate effectively and earn more. 


In this vulnerable interview, Ashley talks about her painful exit from the HR job that people knew her for. She tells us why you shouldn’t ask for a pay rise (or raise for our American friends) from an emotional place, why negotiation is a crucial skill in breaking through the ceilings we subconsciously place over our own heads and if you haven't pushed to a “no", you have no idea what else might of been on the table”

Listen for tips on:

-Negotiating to get paid what you are worth.

-Getting the flexible working hours you want 

-Inspiration that it is possible to rise back from a painful exit of the job that people know you for.


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