#006 Lucy Werner. The Story Behind The Hype

Liz Ward speaks to Lucy Werner, PR expert, Founder of The Wern and best-selling author of "Hype Yourself". Lucy shares her personal story of scaling down her PR agency and pivoting the business model to something more suitable to family life. Lucy and her partner, Hadrien now run The Wern from their garden office supporting small business owners to build their brands and get their own publicity.

Lucy’s first book, “Hype Yourself: A nonsense DIY PR toolkit for small businesses” is an amazing guide with practical tips on how to get publicity for your business. Lucy tells us how she wrote the book in a really short space of time, how she made some bold decisions to design her career and why she is prioritising her children right now.

No pivot is ever slick and Lucy shares all here. We talk about resilience, getting clear on your objectives and and why we are all constantly pivoting to design careers that work for us. There are also loads of tips on doing raising your own personal profile and making things happen.

Grab a cuppa and tune in to hear the background story behind Lucy's book and her business journey.



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