#005 - Yasmine Say, From Graphic Designer to Personal Trainer

Liz Ward speaks to Yasmine Say, owner of Say Fitness Personal Training. Yasmine shares her story of how she pivoted from a 10 year long career in Design, Brand and Marketing to follow her passion for fitness to retrain and build a business as a Personal Trainer.  

In this Slick Pivot Session, we cover:

  • Not knowing what is around the corner
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Doing all the right things in a job hunt, yet feeling like you are getting nowhere
  • Feeling too old to pivot and pushing through that fear
  • Getting buy in from your loved ones on your career change
  • Swallowing your pride and starting from the bottom
  • Why you should never build your bridges. “Your network is so important” 
  • Working out your superpowers you might not know you have


UPDATE: Since recording this episode, Yasmine’s business has gone fully online and so now you can catch her classes virtually through Zoom. She’s teaching a range of classes from Bodyweight HIIT to Dynamic Mat Pilates. Check out her full schedule on her website here: www.sayfitnesspt.com/online

She also has an amazing YouTube channel full of free home workouts and Pilates sessions you can do from the comfort of your own living room. Please subscribe to her channel here: www.youtube.com/sayfitnesspersonaltraining




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