#011 - Joe Sayers - From Professional Cricket to Finance

Liz Ward talks to Joe Sayers about his pivot from a professional cricket into the finance industry. 

After 14 years in the Yorkshire Cricket team Joe retired from sports before the age of 30, leaving his first passion to fulfil another side of him. Joe is now a senior leader at Royal Bank of Canada. 

Joe shares what his professional cricket career taught him, the importance of understanding your why when it comes to your work and how he successfully built his reputation in a completely new industry 

This interview covers loads about focus, setting goals and being confident in your transferable skills.

Episode highlights: 

  • The journey of a pro-athlete
  • Leadership lessons learnt from sports
  • Dealing with expectations & the pressures of early success
  • Transitioning from sports to finance
  • Putting your ego to one side & starting from the bottom
  • Understanding your why

Grab a cuppa and tune in.

Check out full show notes from this episode with links to resources mentioned here. 


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