Marie Claire x The Thinkergirls: We Need To Talk About... I Do

Marie Claire and The Thinkergirls Present We Need To Talk About...

Today's Topic: I Do - One Year on from Marriage Equality

00:56 - Foreword from Editor of Nicky Briger 

1:23 - LGBTQI advocate / champion Jason Ball on where marriage equality is in 2019 

7:40 - Luke & Craig said ‘I do’ this year. They share their story 

10:47 - The powerful moment that made them realise what marriage equality actually means 

18:36 - Has anything changed in their relationship post marriage?

20:56 - Christine Forster on the process of marriage equality laws passing in Australia 

23:25 - Christine shares her big day with her partner Virginia 

26:09 - Was there more pressure on the day? 

29:44 - Is there now more pressure on same sex couples to get married now that that there’s the option to? 

33:51 - What can straight people learn from same sex couples and the way they approach relationships / commitment? 

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