Marie Claire x The Thinkergirls: We Need To Talk About... Miscarriage

Marie Claire and The Thinkergirls Present We Need To Talk About...

Today's Topic: Miscarriage

00:31 - Foreword from Editor of Nikki Birgger 

1:13 - Co-founder of Pink Elephant Support Samantha Payne takes us through the stats of miscarriage 

8:33 - How important is it that people around someone experiencing a miscarriage know how to support? 

10:01 - Features Director of Marie Claire Sarah Grant 

11:33 - Kristie goes through the do’s and don’t when someone around you has experienced a miscarriage with Stace + Sarah 

16:00 - Connecting with women that have also experienced a pregnancy loss 

21:58 - Being there for someone beyond the initial loss

31:36 - Creating a safe place for the conversation is the most important 

Find Pink Elephant Support + the amazing work they do HERE

If any of this episode is triggering, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

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