Marie Claire x The Thinkergirls: We Need To Talk About... Emotional Labour

Marie Claire and The Thinkergirls Present We Need To Talk About...

Today's Topic: Emotional Labour

00:44 - Foreword from Editor of Nikki Briger

1:27 - What actually is ‘emotional labor’ in a relationship to Stace and Kristie? 

5:43 - Women bit by bit taking on more in relationships 

8:18 - Feminine and masculine energy in relationships. We’re not just talking about men and women here 

12:27 - Kids being a game-changer for ‘emotional labour’ in relationships 

15:33 - What are some of the take outs from the article that went viral? 

20:30 - Why conversation is key 

23:19 - How millennials / new relationships are reshaping the way the dynamic works 

Women Aren’t Nags We’re Just Fed Up by Gemma Hartley. Originally featured HERE 

‘Fed Up’ By Gemma Hartly - Read HERE

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