Marie Claire x The Thinkergirls: We Need To Talk About... Happiness

Marie Claire and The Thinkergirls Present We Need To Talk About...

Today's Topic: Happiness

00:26 - Foreword from Editor of Marie Claire Nicky Briger  

1:17 - Marie Claire writer Kathryn Madden shares her experience of completing Yale's 'Happiness Course' 

6:12 - Obsessing over what you don't have is the killer of happiness 

9:57 - Visualisation as a technique to promote happiness from the course 

12:38 - Writer of 'Happy As' Lisa Portolan on why we're all so obsessed with being happy 

18:31 - The only way we can realise we're actually happy is by not being happy! 

23:26 - We need to reframe the word happy and use other words instead of just 'happy' 

24:49 - Happiness V Wellness. There's now a price tag on 'happiness' 

'Happy As' by Lisa Portolan. Check it out HERE

Kathryn Madden's Marie Claire Article on her Yale Happiness Course experience

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