Marie Claire x The Thinkergirls: We Need To Talk About... Anxiety

Marie Claire and The Thinkergirls Present We Need To Talk About...

Today's Topic: Anxiety.

0:28 - A foreward from Editor of Marie Claire, Nicky Briger.

1:04 - The Thinkergirls interview Juanita Phillips; ABC News Presenter, author and mother of two.

7:14 - Marie Claire staff Millie, Robyn and Susie tell us how their anxiety started.

9:07 - The Thinkergirls interview Jill Stark; Author of Happily Never After.

15:41 - Millie shares how she deals with her anxiety through breathing.

17:23 - Juanita Phillips shares the story of her on air anxiety attack.

26:11 - Susie shares how learning to let go of control helped her anxiety.

27:20 - Jill Stark and The Thinkergirls discuss anxiety in women and how to measure your growth.

32:41 - Susie, Robyn and Millie share their tips for managing anxiety.

34:28 - A word from Stacey and Kristie.

If anything in this podcast was triggering, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14

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