Summer Sessions: Stace + Ben Eloped!

Welcome to our 2018 Summer Sessions! We’re going back and bringing you our fave eps from this year to get you through the summer.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Thinkergirl!



05:30 - The big news Stace has to share with everybody!!! 

07:15 - Why Stace is SO nervous about sharing it 

08:45 - Where the decision came from 

14:05 - The signs Stace felt on the day from people that had passed away 

20:20 - Sorry, you NAPPED on this day? 

33:30 - What Stace now calls Ben :/ LEL 

EP 69: Guy Sebastian on almost quitting music, sibling rivalry + being a Dad. Listen HERE

EP 19 Boyfriend Step-Down Program & Dysfunctional Family Shame. Listen HERE

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