#61 Eugénie Monroe - Recycling and Ecodesign Sales Manager at WETURN

Episode #61: Eugénie Monroe - Recycling and Ecodesign Sales Manager at WETURN

In today's episode, we welcome Eugénie Monroe, who is currently responsible for sales in recycling and ecodesign at WETURN. Eugénie possesses an impressive expertise, marked by a professional journey that spans diverse experiences, including sales, product development, and operations management. Her background provides her with a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and innovative solutions in the fashion sector.

WETURN, founded three years ago by Sophie Pignères, is a pioneering initiative specializing in closed-loop valorization solutions for textiles. The company focuses on the collection and transformation of textiles, contributing to the production of local recycled fabrics. WETURN gained international recognition by winning the Innovation Award for Sustainability at VivaTech in 2021, demonstrating the effectiveness of its methods. Its collaborations with luxury houses like Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton underscore the positive impact of using recycled materials in the fashion industry.

In this conversation, Eugénie Monroe shares her vision and inspirations. She discusses the significance of commitment and collaboration in integrating recycled materials into fashion collections. Drawing inspiration from sustainable initiatives in the food industry and The Guardian's reporting, Eugénie underscores the need for a conscious and responsible approach. The conversation promises to be enriching, highlighting the vital role of recycled materials in achieving more sustainable fashion.

Content to Navigate the Episode:

00:51: Eugénie shares her career path before joining WETURN.

04:44: What inspired the genesis of WETURN.

08:58: Eugénie's primary roles and responsibilities at WETURN.

05:37: Eugénie explains the AGEC law.

10:05: The major milestones for WETURN so far.

13:19: The impact of the LVMH Innovation Award for Sustainability on the company.

22:44: WETURN's presentation at Première Vision from February 6 to 8, 2024.

26:07: How WETURN differentiates itself in traceability, transparency, impact measurement, and recurrence.

19:55: Eugénie addresses criticisms of recycled materials being more expensive, lower in quality, and lacking traceability compared to virgin materials.

16:15: Eugénie shares a case study on how WETURN worked with Dior.

30:18: Eugénie's key message to the industry, particularly to creators and creative professionals, about sustainability and ecodesign.

32:14: Quick rapid-fire questions: What does Eugénie want to close the door on in the industry?

33:32: Eugénie's favorite current initiatives/crushes in the industry.

35:18: Where Eugénie looks for inspiration and how she stays ahead of the game.

36:23: The last piece of clothing Eugénie bought.

36:44: The personality Eugénie would like to hear on this podcast.

Key Learnings:

Eugénie Monroe: "I want to dispel the misconception that recycled materials are always grayish, laden with synthetic additives, and of poor quality. Contrary to belief, textiletotextile recycling isn't limited to small quantities. The industry is seeing increasing volumes and ongoing evolution. I am convinced that textiletotextile recycling is the future."

"It's crucial to start now, even on a small scale, because in 10 to 15 years, these practices will become the norm. We won't be able to rely solely on materials like polyester or recycled polyester. Natural fabrics will continue to be essential in many products."

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