#55 Mr Fatih Konukoglu CEO of ISKO and Vice President at SANKO Group (Denim manufacturer)

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ISKO is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality denim fabrics for international fashion brands. Founded in 1983, the company is part of the Turkish conglomerate Sanko, owned by the Konokoğlu family and based in Gaziantep, eastern Turkey.

Recognizing the potential environmental impact of its activities, the Sanko group is committed to making sustainability a priority through multiple aspects aimed at producing quality fabrics while respecting the planet as much as possible.

Specializing in denim, ISKO has made significant progress in reducing its environmental impact, focusing on the use of sustainable raw materials, responsible water usage, and eco-friendly production methods. In addition to these efforts, the group has developed new products and technologies, including denim fabrics with enhanced performance properties and advanced digital design tools.

Fatih Konukoglu, CEO of ISKO and Vice President at SANKO Group, discusses in this new episode of Smart Creation the group's commitment and the importance of combining technology, innovation, and sustainability.


About ISKO

04:00 What are the biggest challenges that the denim industry is currently facing and how is ISKO addressing them

04:08 The different challenges and adaptations of denim world

04:84 Denim customers

04:99 The advantages of denim world

24:35 ISKO as a leader in the denim industry

05:97 How to solve sustainability issues

07:07 How ISKO tries to be more sustainable

07:94 ISKOs recycled materials achievements

08:29 ISKOs collaborations with other brands 

09:77 How does ISKO collect jeans

09:91 The different hubs of Sanko

10:85 Does everyone have the same interest in sustainability ?

11:20 The advantages of recycled materials

12:27 The need to relearn textile production taking into account the environment

19:91 The awareness of sustainability in different markets

14:05 Is being sustainable more expensive than not being sustainable ?

15:04 Is the best way to reduce the environmental impact, is to reduce consumption ? What’s the solution ?

18:05 How ISKO managed to make very strong fabrics

19:21 How ISKO implemented transparency

22:87 How ISKO adapts to new technologies and how it’s going to change the industry

24:85 What does ISKO do in order to serve different levels of the market in the denim industry

26:17 Is all of the segments asking for sustainable products ?

26:98 What would he want to change in the fashion industry

27:19 What is people's favorite denim trend

08:04 How ISKO stays inspired

29:27 Which historical figure he would like to work with 


“Denim is one of the most used products in the world. The denim world is very challenging and it is a little bit more fast forward thinking than other industries. Denim can achieve sustainable production much faster than any other textile area. ISKO is moving faster to 

achieve those goals.”

“We have a great team of engineers who work on our denim. It's our job to get better results from recycled materials, and today we have a product that can be much better than what there is in the market today.”

“Every industry can be sustainable, you just need to be clever, and if cleverness has a cost, then being sustainable has a cost.”

“Transparency is very easy for Sanko because everything is traced, our customers can trace everything, because most of our textiles come from our recycled facilities.”

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