#59 Elena Faleschini, Director Of Strategy And Sustainability At Seven For All Mankind

Working for 20 years in the fashion and lifestyle industry, Elena Faleschini has worked for many brands such as Lancaster, Diesel, and Galeries Lafayette. Today, she holds the very new position of Director of Strategy & Sustainability at 7 For All Mankind, the famous premium jeans and fashion brand born in the US in 2000. Her role focuses on respecting the sustainable commitments in the social and environmental fields to produce the brand's items as an in-house expert. Her main mission is to be responsible for the development and execution of comprehensive sustainability initiatives, both for consumers and brand communication. With a background that emphasizes the uniqueness of denim and well-manufactured products, she is now dedicated to 7 For All Mankind's transparency and sustainability efforts.

By offering beautiful, high-quality products, the brand focuses on responsible materials and practices to reduce their impact on the Earth. Their promises include being more transparent about the composition of fabrics, whether materials are recycled, and their origin, as well as taking care of the garments. The brand has implemented a program where customers are encouraged to donate their old items in exchange for a discount on the website. Every action is aimed at ensuring high-quality labeled products and brand transparency with long-lasting garments. Finally, communicating with clarity to 7 For All Mankind's consumers is one of her primary ambitions.

In this new episode of Smart Creation, Elena talks to us about the sustainable business plan that she is developing for 7 For All Mankind, with a focus on transparency—a way to guide this authentic brand toward a responsible mindset of positive change. It's a way to sensitize their customers and convey a simple message in the end.


  • 1.30 : Elena Faleschini is talking about her previous working experience
  • 3.14 : The guest introduces herself and talks about her role at the position of director strategy and sustainability at 7 for all mankind. 
  • 4.21 : Brief recap of the brand she works for : history and quality products.
  • 6.10 : how the customers can be concerned and interested in sustainable fashion / customer’s Education to sustainable fashion
  • 7.55 : Responsible challenges that the brand has to deal with
  • 9.08 : 7 for all mankind’s Transparency and sustainable actions
  • 11.12 : Advices for beginner responsible consumers
  • 11.56 : The process for Requirements and labeling standard / The process for a long term strategy 
  • 12.41 : Brand relationship with the clientele of 7 for all mankind 
  • 15.14 : How she manage to find the many informations that consumers need
  • 16.48 : A digital communication to get informed about the supply chain
  • 18.10 : Her biggest challenge as director of strategy and sustainability
  • 19.56 : Her advices for young sustainable designers 
  • 22.11 : Rapid-fire question section


« Consumers are quite confused at the moment because they have been bombarded with information on sustainability for the past few years from all sides, from every brand. It's a mess and super confusing, even for us. »

« Be curious, educate yourself, choose garments that are long-lasting and durable. »

« Transparency builds trust and loyalty with consumers. »

« We are working on implementing a digital passport for our products to ensure complete traceability and responsible management.»

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