#60 Marwa Zamaray | Senior Advisor In The Apparel And Textile Industry

Today we’re welcoming Marwa Zamaray, she is senior advisor in the apparel and textile industry, delving us into her professional journey and the burgeoning interest she has developed in sustainability within the fashion sector. She traces her awakening to the critical issues of worker exploitation and environmental degradation linked to the fashion industry, which propelled her into specializing in material traceability. Her central message underscores the vital role of championing ethical sourcing practices in fashion to avert potential financial setbacks and protect reputations.

Further into the conversation, Marwa delves into the complex landscape of regulations governing traceability, transparency, and sustainability in the fashion industries of both the United States and Europe. She stresses that embracing sustainable practices presents a dual challenge and opportunity for businesses, paving the way for enhanced competitiveness and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. 

Lastly, Marwa shares details about her recent involvement in a project that seeks to provide robust traceability solutions, designed to support brands in ethical sourcing and meeting the surging consumer demand for sustainability. Her advocacy extends to encouraging brands to adopt a comprehensive approach to sustainability, concentrating on refining their supply chains and transparently communicating their sustainability initiatives.


00:51: Marwa Zamaray's career journey

01:44: Interest in sustainability and impact of Rana Plaza

03:11: Potential for change in the fashion industry

04:37: Role as a senior advisor in the fashion industry

05:19: Definitions of traceability and sustainable fashion

06:23: Mission and partnerships at Marwa Zamaray's organization

07:34: Regulatory landscape in the United States and Europe

09:18: What specific regulations will brands need to adhere to in the coming months/years?

14:20: Best practices for industry players and consumers

16:47: Challenges and opportunities in implementing sustainability practices

17:47: New projects in collaboration she is excited about

22:00: Quick Rapid Fire Questions


"...I've been in the apparel and textile industry for 18 years now! It's been a roller coaster ride, filled with ups and downs, adventure, tons of learning, and substantial personal and professional growth [...] Then Rana Plaza happened. The glamour of the industry was not only overrated, but had also been clouding our judgement, making me feel implicated in the exploitation of manufacturers, contributing to environmental harm, and human rights violations."

"Oritain is a leading company worldwide in the verification of the origin of raw materials. We have harnessed the power of science to provide a traceability solution, overcoming one of the crucial challenges in fashion’s complex global supply chains."

"Workshops & Seminars, Engage with Regulatory Bodies, Stay updated with the latest regulations and standards. Partner with your suppliers for a joint approach, consult with NGOs, conduct risk assessments, start mapping your supply chain, conduct supplier due diligence, conduct internal training, hire specialized staff, and prioritize it in your overall strategy."

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