#54 Kathleen Rademan, Director of the Innovation Platform at Fashion for Good

Since 2017, Fashion for Good has been committed to making fashion a force for good. Through its innovation platform, they bring together key players across the entire industry who are committed to powering the future of fashion by testing and scaling ecological and sustainable solutions that are good for both people and the planet. 


Because change also comes from the consumer, Fashion for Good created, in 2018, the Fashion for Good Museum: the world's first museum for sustainable fashion where we can learn where our clothes come from, their impact, and the next innovations that will shape the future of fashion.

In this new episode of the podcast Smart Creation, Kathleen Rademan, Director of the Innovation Platform at Fashion for Good tells us how the platform works, how it is financed, its innovative projects and the particularity of their museum.


About Kathleen 

00:53 : Kathleen introduces herself and looks back on her journey.

2:02 : Her definition of sustainable fashion.

2:37 : Why she decided to dedicate her life to sustainability after investment banking.

About Fashion for Good

3:30 : What is Fashion for Good? What is the genesis? What is it? What is the vision? 

05:19 : Companies that are part of Fashion for Good

05:49 : How does Fashion for Good manage to get the different fashion players to work together?

6:50 : How they finance themselves. 

7:09 : It looks like there are many initiatives of organization, NGO around this sustainable topic in fashion, what makes you stand out of the crowd? 

8:25 : What si New Cotton and T-REX Project? 

9:52 : Can we really change the world with this kind of initiatives?

11:54 :  What is the north star metric of FFG? How do you measure your improvement?

13:00 : What is the Fashion for Good Museum?

14:33 : What are the keys to educating consumers and visitors?

Fashion Industry 

15:55 : How can the fashion industry accelerate its implementation of Circular Practices?

16:58 : How to get people to consume differently?

18:23 : What makes you feel optimistic? What are the signals in the industry that make you feel optimistic? 

19:17 : Does this kind of practice exist in Asia or the US, or is it typically European?

20:20 : What are the biggest challenges for the next years? 

21:27 : Is there a real will to finance this change?

Quick rapid fire questions answer by one word or one sentence max

22:21 : Where do you look to get inspired? In what other industry? How do you stay ahead of the game?

23:13 : What is the last piece of clothes you bought? 

23:41 : Who is the personality you would like to listen to in this podcast?


"I feel optimistic when you have large sums of funding allocated by governments to trial and test innovations, like what we’ve done in the New Cotton Project and T-REX Project."

"I wanted to work in an environment they had a true impact, where I could go to bed at night and knowing that everything I’m doing is making a little difference in the world where we living and in particular for futures generations, that's why I've decided to make this change." 

"We engage all different types of fashion brands as well as manufacturers across the world to introduce them to new innovations that are more sustainable that is convince."

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