#48 Augustin Firino Martell, Fashion & Luxury Traceability and CSR Manager - Crystalchain (Traceability platform)

The data era might have its perks to operate a sustainable transition, especially in the fashion and luxury industries. 

At the core of Crystalchain’s activity, information and technology are used in order to drive actions towards a more transparent system. Traceability and CSR manager of the company Augustin Firino Martell opens today’s talk on how to implement blockchain for traceable and transparent solutions. Collecting information from the field to the final product, he’s helping brands and all the actors of the industry to settle a trustworthy system with reliable sources. Criteria such as the environment, animal welfare, social criteria and supply chain are all taken into account to constitute a proof of sustainability for its product, and thus certify an ethical commitment. But this system won’t be possible without the supply chain actors. That is why Augustin is encouraging cooperation and strongly aims to onboard suppliers as changes also come when it’s done in a collective way.

In this episode, Augustin explains how we can identify the issue we want to improve and monitor. We also speak about ESG laws and how governments are acting for this transition. 



0:55 : Augustin presents himself

1:10 : His background

1:55 : His definition of sustainable fashion

3:15 : Introduction of Crystalchain

4:15 : His definition of traceability

8:10 : About blockchain

11:05 : The industries he is working with

13:45 : Augustin gives an application case of his work

20:20 : Going to the field

21:20 : How long does it take to implement this collaboration system?

23:20 : How much does it cost?

23:55 : What are the market expectancies?

16:55 : What’s their biggest challenge in the upcoming year?

17:42 : How can the fashion industry accelerate its sustainable revolution?

18:50 : What are the right indicators regarding certification?

23:25 : How can the fashion industry accelerate its fashion revolution?

26:25 : What are the upcoming regulations to come?

29:15 : Which regulations are taking the lead?

31:32 : About the second life of the product

33:00 : What solutions for the second life of a product?

35:30 : What will traceability look like in the future?

37:10 : Their digital platform to follow up on traceability

40:10 : What can the fashion industry do to accelerate its revolution?

41:58:  What does he want to close the door to in our industry?

43:10 : What does he look at to get inspired?

44:40 : What is the last piece of clothes he bought? 

45:35 : Who would he like to listen to in this podcast?




“We see that more and more of the suppliers around the world have the same issues and they are also starting to have a way of providing the information to prove the origin of their materials.”


“We like to go on the field to understand the process and to speak with the actors. One of the key issues is onboarding the actor and getting the actor to imply  people to build the system.”


“You need cooperation with the actors if you want to be quickly successful.”

“Traceability is the basis to be aligned with the regulations.”



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