GATHER: What's Next? #2 with Dan Green

“Golf needs to have the strength of will of character to look beyond the walls of its own self-worth.” Dan Green, Design Director at Zag.

Are you in the mood for some Truth Bombs?

Then this is the 15min audio for you.

1.     What’s next for branding in golf?

2.     Who does Dan seek inspiration from within branding in the sports world?

3.     What’s Dan’s advice moving forward for golf brands to break through with Gen Z?

4.     If anyone listening wanted to do an audit on their golf industry brand, hypothetically what could that look like?

“Golf has always dined out on its history. It’s always an easy target and a quick win. “Ok, we need to create some content around this event or this course, let’s just tell people what happened 150 years ago, or even 20 years ago” which bears no meaning to the vast majority of the audience. And is really just a pat on the back, boys club, kind of a move ultimately and something that I think a lot of consumers are probably sick and tired of.’”


Welcome to: Cutting Through The BS with Dan Green.

In just 15mins, hear from one of the brightest minds in branding, who also happens to love golf.

Headquartered in London, Zag has earned a big-firm reputation with clients including Audi, BT, Discovery, Deloitte, Disney, Facebook, World Vision and Yamaha.

Dan was also part of the project that re-branded The Open and the Women’s Open for The R&A, plus he created an even bigger emerging golf industry brand called Gather 😉

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