#18 - Old Tom Ventures: The Startup Series Ep. 1

In the first of a three-part video podcast series with Gather Collective Member Old Tom Ventures, we look at an emerging trend within the golf industry – a rise in startups.

Many founders and a number of investors have joined the Gather community, leading to interesting conversations about the investment opportunities that golf offers.

Previously, golf was seen as a trophy asset in the portfolio of many investors, rather than a commercial opportunity. Now, given the landscape of golf, we are seeing new stakeholders enter the investment space. One of which is Gather Collective Member, Old Tom Ventures.

Old Tom Ventures sees emerging golf companies as future market leaders. Through their fund, Old Tom Ventures invests in promising startups, guiding them through key growth stages. Old Tom Ventures expects these firms to add billions of dollars in golf market revenue in the next decade. By backing early-stage startups and acting as a syndicate, Old Tom Ventures offers vital support beyond just financial investment.

Evan Roosevelt and Matt Erley from Old Tom Ventures have knowledge across various aspects of the golf industry. So, we wanted to bring you deeper insights from their unique viewpoint.

Here are some key highlights to listen out for:

  • 4:00 mins. What is Old Tom Ventures doing for the golf industry and for investors? What are the signals that golf startups are “having a moment?”
  • 6.55 mins. Why is there opportunity for new founders in golf right now?
  • 10.35 mins. “I have an idea! How can I talk with potential investors and get good advice?”
  • 15.56 mins. Why is there an opportunity for investors to invest in golf right now?
  • 23.34 mins. How is Old Tom Ventures navigating investment opportunities? If you are a founder, should you try to raise investment? When should you reach out to Old Tom Ventures?
  • 29.30 mins. What are some big pitfalls that golf startups fall into?
  • 33.42 mins. Not every business is going to be venture scalable. Here’s why that is not a bad thing.
  • 35.16 mins. “I want to be a golf startup entrepreneur, where should I start?” 
  • 37.14 mins. Incubators and accelerators: do they exist in golf and would they be beneficial for our industry?
  • 43.35 mins. What’s one big advantage you have if you are trying to start a company in golf, compared to other sports?
  • 46.45 mins. What are the cheat codes for building a business in golf?
  • 48.42 mins. What is the spirit animal of the startup founder?
  • 49.50 mins. Put in place contingencies along the way to help you qualify your business idea.
  • 52.39 mins. Please send us your questions for Episode #2 in the Startup Series with Old Tom Ventures
  • 54.15 mins. INVITATION FOR ACCREDITED INVESTORS: How to reach out to Old Tom Ventures and discuss some of the best opportunities.


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