#17 - Sebastien Audoux: How underleveraged actually is golf?

How underleveraged actually is golf?

There’s noise in men’s professional golf right now. And there’s plenty of commentary on whether this is a positive look for our sport, or whether it is damaging.

What about if you take a very positive, but analytical lens on where this current period of flux might lead us? For both men’s and women’s professional golf, and our wider industry.

Our guest this episode is someone who is a joy to listen to in this regard. Well respected, hugely experienced across golf (commentating and analysing) and the wider sports and media landscape. 

Sébastien Audoux is a sports and media expert and has spent over 20 years in the industry. This hour will advance your knowledge and leave you feeling optimistic at where we are heading.

Some key highlights to listen out for:

  • Start We know the fragmented nature of professional golf is frustrating to those of us working inside golf, but what about those outside of golf? “Let’s think about people (in media) that are not really following golf that closely….”
  • 5.50mins What if all the “disruption” and noise currently in men’s professional golf is what was needed to solve this fragmentation?
  • 7.30mins Complacency around the footprint in the US and the UK? “You expect a bigger willingness to try and attack those smaller markets…..we need to push in those other markets like the NFL, the NBA and many other sports have done so successfully.” 
  • 8.18mins A belief in golf is that it doesn’t really have a seat at the big sports industry table. Where does Sebastien think that golf now sits in the wider sports business conversation?
  • 12mins How underleveraged actually is golf? “Sometimes taking a risk for the long game, but be willing to accept some short term pain”
  • 17mins How does Sebastien think that golf stacks up against other tier 1 sports as a field of opportunity for tech companies to invest in? What’s the untapped potential for golf?
  • 24.50mins Is all PR, good PR? What’s this ‘stalemate’ between the PGA Tour and PIF going to do for golf’s image longer term?
  • 38.30mins What is the opportunity on the women’s side of the game in these areas? Is it an equal size of opportunity, or an even greater one. And what’s stopping this opportunity being realised? “The potential for growth is much higher than the men”
  • 55mins The missed opportunity because golf does not really “own” its storytelling…

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