GATHER: What’s Next? #1 with Amir Malik

In this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Amir Malik.

Amir founded The Muslim Golf Association (MGA) in the UK in 2020 which is the worlds first dedicated golfing platform that caters for the modern, professional, Muslim male & female golfer.

Check out their website, but also connect with Amir. There could be great collaboration opportunities for you, but without doubt there will be inspiration and some fascinating insights that can help you, your golf club, organisation or business.

Welcome to Gather – What’s Next?

This is your 15min insight into the minds of some interesting, diverse and inspiring people that are doing things within the golf industry and have an innovative perspective on what the future can look like. We kick off all of these conversations with 2 questions:

  1. In their view, what’s next for golf in their sector of the industry?
  2. A Gather Elephant in the Room question – where we ask about a challenging topic or a difficult question that’s often talked about within the golf industry, but nobody wants to actually deal with it.

What we love most about Amir’s story…is that he wasn’t a golfer 7 years ago.

He’s since fallen in love with the game, learned to play at a local municipal course (where, interestingly he’s found the best customer service compared with many private clubs) and then in 2020, launched the MGA.

He talks about being ignorant to many of golf’s traditions and WE LOVE this. This is a huge strength in trying to achieve his vision with the MGA and….a huge opportunity for us to learn something critical: His observations as a relative newcomer to the sport, compared with many of us who work in the industry that have been fortunate enough to be playing the game for a long time. It’s a fresh new perspective, filled with energy, passion and enthusiasm.

From one chat we could see why Amir and the MGA have been featured already in the BBC, Guardian, National Club Golfer and even in mainstream media in the US.

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