#14 - Karen Lunn: What if golf, was just golf?

What if golf, was just golf?

Not amateur and professional, with so many fragmented organisations. Not with organisations for men and women separately competing for the same commercial sponsors and media outlets?

“We HAVE to look at golf differently now”

This week, we are incredibly excited to share with you our first ever Women's British Open Champion as a Gather Guest, who has some fascinating insights to share from how Australia are challenging the previous norms.

Transitioning from elite tour professional to senior leadership within the golf industry is a rare feat. In addition, being a leader that challenges the norm and trailblazes with new concepts and collaborations, is even rarer. We loved our chat with Karen Lunn (CEO, WPGA Tour of Australasia). Join us as we dive deep into a fascinating conversation on the Gather Global Podcast.

Karen just offered up so many incredibly valuable insights in this conversation, and we're very excited to now share them with you. 

Here's some of the key areas we covered:

  • Governing bodies in countries pitching against each other for sponsorship, television coverage and government support, rather than collaborating. "Seems like a no-brainer." Learn why the WPGA and PGA in Australia are doing things differently and what other countries and organisations can learn.
  • How would Karen currently score our industry, out of 100, in its ability to collaborate effectively for the benefit of the game?
  • The biggest standout from the Australia-wide golfers survey? Hear what the huge opportunity is…and why it’s not about ramming golf club membership down people’s throats!
  • Looking at partners with disruptive ideas as an opportunity for the industry, not a threat to the game.
  • Hear about the switch Karen has made from an elite player, a major winner, into working as a leader in the sport. Lessons in resilience and keeping your motivation when doors are closing on you. Have former professional tour players honed this skill better than many?
  • Do we still place too much value on golfing ability when appointing people into golf industry roles?
  • Does the research tell us that PGA training is now focused on the wrong candidates? 
  • Karen’s view on the biggest opportunity for the golf community in Australia over the coming 3 years.


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