Gather Ripple #3: Fred Popp interviews Emma Taylor

You know those times when you wish you could hear the chats between the industry leaders on topics that really matter? 

Gather now offers you that fly on the wall experience with our Gather Ripple Series. 

Fred Popp (Zag) and Emma Taylor (former Head of Marketing, Tottenham Hotspur) talk about creating environments and communities for sports fans.

Emma’s amazing time at Tottenham Hotspur saw the club grow exponentially and recently culminated in the opening of a stunning, world-class stadium. She played a lead role in developing the brand experience for this unique sports and entertainment venue and worked as part of the Senior Management Team delivering every aspect of the visitor experience.

Fred has incredible experience of helping global brands in his own right, including The Open. You can find out more from his time as guest on the previous edition of the Ripple with Phil Grice.

Explore this fascinating conversation with insights packed into just 20 minutes:

1.05: Finding the delicate balance between marketing, customer sales and brand building 

3.14: Building multi functionality facilities in line with customer needs

10.09: Adapting existing facilities to be more family friendly

13.12: How can golf appeal to multi-generations?

16.30: How to connect with non-golfers?

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