04: The Human Paradox - Gabriel of Urantia - Vanetics Weekly

As The URANTIA Book teaches, the “human paradox” is that we exist in nature and yet are able to transcend nature; we are finite beings yet we are indwelt by a spark of infinity - God.  This duality is the source of much uncertainty and anxiety until we find our identity as ascending sons and daughters of God.  When we embrace a higher understanding of God’s laws and our place in the universe, we can overcome the lower tendency towards the misuse, distortion, and perversion of the material world that often leads to pain and suffering.

See The URANTIA Book, Paper 111, Section 6

The human paradox exhibits itself in many ways.  An extreme example is people who are genius in one area and completely inept in others.  We all deal with the mortal struggles of being defunct in many ways but still having God within us.  Gabriel of Urantia encourages fostering intuition and clairvoyance and seeking to hear from God, rather than basing decisions on logic and science.  We are creatures of mind habits and tend to draw conclusions based on false assumptions.  When we seek God’s will we find peace and spiritual stability in the cosmic absolutes.

See Niánn Emerson Chase’s teaching on this topic in Vanetics Weekly Ep. 03: [link]

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