Constant Change - Niánn Emerson Chase

A teaching about the accelerated process of growth and relationship building in community, and especially for Change Agents / Destiny Reservists of Divine Administration.

Personal experiences of how, as Change Agents move into an accelerated program of spiritual ascension, relating to friends and family can become challenging if those loved ones are uncomfortable with their new, unfolding, and unfamiliar personalities.  Regardless, Destiny Reservists loyalties need to be to God and truth; to their calling to serve humanity.  Divine pattern is constant change and evolution, and as we gain spiritual maturity we become more tolerant and respectful of one another.  A beautiful reminder that the angelic personalities working with us see us in our potential and do not focus on or relate to our lower tendencies, and we need to see each other this way, too.

The teaching also discusses the accelerated ascension program for the Change Agents / Destiny Reservists and the need to change and grow faster than others, and that humility is the key.  An inspiring message to see each other as the butterfly we are becoming and not just the caterpillar, and to give each other the benefit of the doubt.  Look forward to the challenges of misunderstandings and conflict and the opportunity to respond with patience, kindness and love.

The full title of this teaching is "Relating to Each Other Through Constant Change as Destiny Reservists"

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