03: The Human Paradox - Niánn Emerson Chase - Vanetics Weekly

As The URANTIA Book teaches, the “human paradox” is that we exist in nature and yet are able to transcend nature; we are finite beings yet we are indwelt by a spark of infinity - God. This duality is the source of much uncertainty and anxiety until we find our identity as ascending sons and daughters of God. When we embrace a higher understanding of God’s laws and our place in the universe, we can overcome the lower tendency towards the misuse, distortion, and perversion of the material world that often leads to pain and suffering.

See The URANTIA Book, Paper 111, Section 6

In this teaching Niánn draws from the 2019 film “Lucy In The Sky” (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4682804/) and the struggle many astronauts go through of having difficulty re-entering into mundane life after experiencing the serenity and vastness of the cosmos in space. The main character, Lucy, while intelligent and courageous, does not have a higher understanding of God and her place in the universe and, when literally faced with the immensity of creation, slowly begins to unravel mentally.  Her intellectual pride blocks her from developing spiritual courage and a faith in God, which is a common problem for many people. Only when we admit our shortcomings and seek counsel and guidance, can we be helped by the Threefold Spirit to expand our cosmic perspective.

See Gabriel of Urantia’s teaching on this topic in Vanetics Weekly Ep. 04: [link]

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