The Building Blocks of Destiny Actualization - Gabriel of Urantia

Spiritual principles for the manifestation of physical energy to accomplish worthy goals.  Personal stories and insightful experiences reveal how love, faith, humility and sincerity are the keys to a motivated and activated life.

Teaching from The URANTIA Book the command of Jesus to his apostles is shared - to not just love the souls of people, but to love people, and that it is the unconditional love of God that energizes the soul and leads to a joyful life.

Destiny actualization is related our free will choice to live in the now of God’s will or the now of self will.  Living in God’s now brings actualization of destiny and dreams, and the spirit is able to command the body.  Living in self-will causes decay, disease and spiritual stagnation.  Citing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela, this is a powerful teaching on the importance of being overcomers of our lower nature so we can be empowered in God.

The full title of this teaching is: The Energy Bricks:  The Building Blocks of Destiny; Moving Forward With Every Ounce Of Energy You Have; Or The Physics Of Actualization, Or Destiny Accomplishment

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