Fourth-Dimensional vs. Third-Dimensional Healing - Niánn Emerson Chase

This teaching explores illness and healing. At a spiritual level, how does our dis-ease lead to disease? What causes illness and imbalances in the physical body? Is there a correlation between erroneous thoughts and attitudes and the manifestation of those thoughts in the physical body?

There is true power in belief to transcend the chemical and physiological imbalances and find true health and healing. But even for a person who is growing spiritually, healing takes time, and their is a very real difference between healing and curing disease. In New Age circles, many people promote miracle cures and therapies, but none of them will work in a lasting way unless they get to the spiritual root of the disease. Thus the importance of “Soul Surgeons” who can wield the most powerful instrument of healing… truth.

Doctors can do things to improve the health of the physical body, but true healing comes from embracing Epochal Revelation and expanded truth. 

The full title of this teaching is: Fourth-Dimensional Reconstruction Physiology as Opposed to Third-Dimensional Deterioration of the Body

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