What is a SIBO diet with Rebecca Coomes | Ep. 100

On today’s podcast, Rebecca celebrates her 100th episode of The Healthy Gut Podcast. She explores what is a SIBO diet (and what it isn’t) and the various diets that can be followed by a SIBO patient. She also discusses why some people shouldn’t follow a SIBO diet and what you should do with your nutrition after your SIBO treatment. 


  • What is a SIBO diet?
  • What diets have been designed specifically for SIBO patients?
  • What other diets can be followed by SIBO patients?
  • Why is diet alone not enough to treat SIBO?
  • The pros and cons of the SIBO diets
  • How to eat before, during, after treatment?
  • Why should you consider getting tested for other food intolerances and allergies?


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