Real life story: Before and after SIBO with Lezahlee Patrick | Ep. 99

Rebecca is joined by Lezahlee Patrick who shares what life was like with SIBO, before and after treatment and coaching sessions with Rebecca. Lezahlee signed up for 1:1 SIBO Coaching Sessions with Rebecca as she felt she needed extra support to help her feel great again. Today, Lezahlee is vastly improved from where she was and shares her story with SIBO in the hope it gives others motivation and inspiration to keep working at their health. 


  • What life was like with SIBO before and after treatment? 
  • What events lead to Lezahlee feeling sick and realising her health had declined?
  • What life was like for Lezahlee before she realised she had SIBO?
  • The challenges she faced when dealing with SIBO
  • Why she sought the 1:1 SIBO Coaching Sessions with Rebecca Coomes and how it helped her continued recovery?
  • How long it took Lezahlee to feel better? 
  • What life looks like for her today (after SIBO treatment) vs when she started healing her gut (before SIBO treatment)?
  • How Lezahlee is now reintroducing foods such as onion and garlic back into her diet?
  • Lezahlee’s words of wisdom and advice for other SIBOers who are just starting out on their recovery


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