Gut and Microbiome Rescue Summit with Shivan Sarna | Ep. 95

Want to learn more about your microbiome? The Gut and Microbiome Rescue Summit is on now! This free online event hosted by Shivan Sarna is running between 7 September to 13 September to help SIBOers like you understand the importance and function of your microbiome and learn some cutting-edge developments from leading researchers. You can sign up to start watching the summit here >

I asked the host of the Summit, Shivan Sarna to join me on The Healthy Gut Podcast to share more info about the summit. She is a gut health advocate and the creator of SIBO SOS® and the Digestion SOS™ documentary series. We discuss everything about the upcoming Gut and Microbiome Rescue Summit, the groundbreaking research on the microbiome by Dr Mark Pimentel and much more.



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