LAURA WHITMORE: Health is wealth

BE YOURSELF, EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN. For the first time ever we have a repeat guest back on THV. When Anna Lahey founder to Vida Glow asked me to do a deep dive into women’s health there was only one human that came to mind - the extremely thoughtful, inspirational, and unstoppable Laura Whitmore. We chat about her new documentary series’s which looks at rough s@x, incels and stalkers, how to stay true to you in times of overwhelm and our shared passion for better women’s health. Link in bio to listen 🔝 

Did you know that It is estimated only 1% of healthcare research and innovation is invested in female specific conditions, globally. Imgestible brand @vida_glow are changing that with a new range of supplements designed specially with women in mind, and we are obsessed. Link in bio 🔝 to hear more.

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This episode is brought to you in collaboration with Vida Glow – the global number one marine collagen brand and leaders in the ingestible space. Recognising female heath is under-researched and underserved, Vida Glow has applied its female-first, concern-solution approach to the health category with the launch of their Women’s Health range. A science backed range of health supplements meticulously formulated specifically for women based on their unique physiological requirements.

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