KNOW YOUR PUBIC with Dr Stephanie Kuku & Dr Frauke Neuser

As Ovarian cancer awareness month draws to a close it’s important to remind ourselves to be mindful of our bodies. Mika isn joined by dr Stephanie Kuku and Dr Frauke Neuser to talk about pubic grooming. Whether you choose to keep your hair, prune or remove it - getting to know your pubic gives you that opportunity to become more familiar, more comfortable with your anatomy so you’re able to notice anything that may be wrong and gives you the time to think about any changes that may have occurred. This KNOW YOUR PUBIC conversation and the campaign by Venus is all about breaking down the pubic taboos which are stopping women from feeling comfortable with and in their own bodies, leading to trepidation about seeking medical advice and support.

Venus is proud of its partnership with Lady Garden Foundation, now in its second year, through which they are raising awareness and essential funds for gynaecological health via a limited-edition starter pack in Superdrug. Each pack sold = one donation and these partnerships are so important which is why I am delighted to continue to work with them and champion their #KnowYourPubic campaign. Shaving your pubic hair with the wrong tools can cause irritation, itch during regrowth and ingrown hairs. That’s why the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin collection is specially designed for the pubic area, whether the hair is there, growing or gone - the full collection is pH balanced and free of parabens, dyes, fragrance, and silicone, and is also dermatologist and gynaecologist-approved. You can try the full range for yourself at all major retailers nationwide, or shop the limited-edition Lady Garden Foundation donation starter pack - only at Superdrug.

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