ER Fightmaster: Free To Be Me

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. This week, Greys Anatomy's actor, writer and musician ER Fightmaster joins Mika to discuss their joy at re-finding their lost freedom, how they manage their endometriosis diagnosis and the importance of campaigning for better health care for gender neutral and trans people. This episode is a reflective, insightful and an overwhelming uplifting story of finding one’s true self.

“I (felt I) was doing the worst job on earth of being a woman. Because I'm not. And then I got to college and I saw all these queer people. And it dropped off of me that minute - that is my understanding of myself as ugly my understanding of myself as bad. All this shame disappeared the minute that I was around other queer people and no one was forcing this like weird pink on me. Then I was I immediately like, oh, I'm hot. I'm fun. I'm happy and people love me.” - ER Fightmaster

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ER Fightmaster is a nonbinary actor, writer, comedian and musician from Cincinnati, Ohio. After receiving a Women and Gender Studies degree from DePaul University they traveled the world performing and teaching comedy. (Ok, plot twist.) After a year-long residency at the famed Amsterdam based comedy club Boom Chicago, E.R. returned home to Chicago and toured the country with the world renowned Second City Theatre before taking a spot on their resident stage. E.R.’s television debut was on the series Work In Progress on Showtime. In 2019 E.R. joined the cast of Hulu’s Shrill, a comedy series led by Aidy Bryant based on the memoir of the acclaimed body positivity feminist, Lindy West. In 2021 E.R. was cast as Kai Bartley, the first nonbinary doctor on television for the ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. E.R. played the love interest of one of the show’s longtime leads, Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd). The plotline received international acclaim and has been recognized as groundbreaking television for not only the nonbinary community, but for the Queer community at large. While filming Grey’s, E.R. was brought on as a writer for Survival of the Thickest, an upcoming Netflix/A24 comedy series based on the memoir of the effervescent Michelle Buteau. They also lead a LA based band called TWIN, with songs featured on multiple series and films. E.R. is currently finalizing touches on their first solo album, with plans to release new music later this year. They are the 2023 recipient of the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award.

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