Adina Porter: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

This week we are joined by Adina Porter, Emmy Nominated, award wining actress, Mum and voting rights campaigner. Adina shares her most initiate feelings about the importance of sex work, recovering from bereavement and why adoption was her first choice. This episode is a deep dive into knowing your true worth and the joys of mid life pleasure.

“My mom was adopted. So adoption has always been the only option for me. And when I met my then second husband, on our second date, because I thought it was pretty special - on our second date, I asked him, I said "What do you think about adopting an African American child?” And his response was “Or two!”. And I thought, “that's hot!” - Adina Porter

Adina Porter is an Emmy Nominated, award wining actress, Mum, CARE ambassador and activist campaigning for voting, voting rights and clean water access.

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