Gabrielle Blair: Ejaculate Responsibly

This International Womens Day we are putting the emphasis on men. Mika is joined by Gabrielle Blair, author of the book, Ejaculate Responsibly: A Whole New Way To Think About Abortion. We have a candid conversation about the miscalculated pressure on women to be the primary user of birth control, why the world needs better research into vasectomies and how to process abortion trauma. This episode will revolutionise your understaffing of birth control 

“Every time I'm taking (birth control…), I'm really managing my partner's fertility.They’re ever present fertility. I’m not really managing my fertility. I'm ingesting a drug daily, or a hormone daily because of their constant fertility. So I want to be really clear, most of the time, when you or I have sex, or any woman has sex, they cannot get pregnant. Like it's just, it's just physically impossible. (But…) Every time a man has sex every time he can potentially impregnate someone.” - Gabrielle Blair

Gabrielle Blair is the founder or award winning blog platform Design Mom. She is considered a top expert in creating accessible conversations about hard topics, parenting engaged and independent kids, and creating a home where both parents and kids can thrive. 

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