57 Biohacking with Dr Tamsin Lewis

Maryam and Fiona really made the most of the hiatus in lockdowns and managed to get back into the clinic and this week they weren't alone, as Dr Tamsin Lewis was able to drop-in to talk about turning back the clock with her Wellgevity system, in particular, Biohacking.

What is Biohacking and how can it help us turn-back the clock for our mind and bodies?

Maryam and Fiona deep-dive on this fascinating subject with Tamsin, and we find out that Fiona has tried Biohacking in the past (of course she has) and we hear about how her experiences compare and contrast with the procedures at Wellgevity.

We also hear how Biohacking can be applied to any lifestyle or budget and what small changes can be made to help us turn back the clock.

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