51 Ultherapy LIVE

This week, we are very much back in the clinic, as Fiona does the first live guinea pig session in quite a while, as with lockdown and social distancing measures in place, it made doing any kind of procedure impossible.

But, as this episode was recorded during a relaxation in restrictions, Fiona wasted NO time in booking a tweakment with Maryam and decided to grit-her-teeth and have some Ultherapy.

After having the treatment 10 years ago, Fiona has not forgotten the pain she endured though it, so was unsurprisingly apprehensive about putting herself through it again - but in the name of The Guinea Pig, that's exactly what she does, so you can have some idea about what it might be like before you decide on doing it for yourself.

As this was recorded during the procedure, you'll be able to hear the sound of the machine all the way through, so it may be uncomfortable for you to listen through headphones ... but not as uncomfortable as it was for Fiona ... give that girl a medal!

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