56 Scarring, with Dr Nicholas Parkhouse

Happy New Year! We're back in the clinic - thanks to Maryam and Fiona getting together to record in between lockdown restrictions and are joined by the Cadogan Clinic's Dr Nicholas Parkhouse, who is an authority on scarring on the face and body and how it can de dealt with.

Scarring of any kind, whether it's from injury, acne, past operations or from birth, can affect people in so many ways both physically and mentally - even causing people to relive the trauma which caused the scar every time they look in the mirror.

Nicholas has dealt with pretty much every scar which can affect the face and body and so popped-in to see Maryam and Fi to answer their many questions on the subject .

We hear about minimising acne scarring, how to avoid excessing marking after breast surgery, if scars from burning can be improved, removing moles and skin cancers and what small steps you can take if you have a scar which is bothering - plus so much more, including the effects of smoking on wound healing.

Nicholas starts off by telling us how the name 'The Guinea Pig' has an unexpected and fascinating connection with the very origins of plastic surgery...

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